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Ongoing Discussions - Monitoring, implementation and evaluation

Students for quality of the health workforce education and training @ SEARO

IFMSA declares the importance of the quality of the health workforce education and training during the 67 th session of the Regional Committee of South-East Asia. The meeting was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 9 th -12 th September 2014. [The IFMSA Delegation in the 67 th session of the Regional... Read more

7 Observations on Sustaining IPE

"S" for sustainability, a matter which has proved a common problem for IPE and IPC over the past 50 years.Read more

Dentistry at a tipping point.

Dentistry at a tipping point; an interview with Professor David Williams (DW) Professor David Williams Professor of Global Oral Heath, Bart's and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, UK Julian Fisher - JF: How is the dental profession responding to the emerging 2015 development agenda,... Read more

Skills Mix; an interview with Dr Lola Dare

Dr Lola Dare , Chief Executive Officer, CHESTRAD International The Centre for Health Sciences Training, Research and Development (CHESTRAD) is a global non-state, not-for-profit developmental agency. CHESTRAD works as an ethical African organization that employs evidence based approaches to... Read more