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SDH eBook agile development process

Agile development process of WHO eBook on the Social Determinants of Health

The eBook Steering Committee agreed to adopt an agile development approach to improve the responsiveness of the ebook development that will run in parallel, but separate from the production of the WHO eBook which is the responsibility of the eBook Steering Committee (read report of 1st meeting for comprehensive overview). 

What is Agile development methodology ?

The agile development approach will provide us with opportunities to assess the relevance of eBook's content during the production of the eBook, as part of an iterative, incremental and evolutionary process;

  • both as indivudal 'stand alone' sections and chapters and how each section / chapter fits into the overall narrative of the ebook;
  • aligns and achieves the eBook's objective;

How will it work ?

We will take themetic areas and issues covered in each section and chapter of the ebook and working with subject matter experts offer prospective content for feedback, comments and suggestions. This interaction will be through a variety of channels:

  • A blog will set out key messages and main aspects of the content with links to our wiki 'content page' where there will be more detail, videos and cases studies (registered users can add comments on the blog);
  • A parallel wiki discussion page will be used to pose questions around the 'content page' and provide an open space for viewers & readers to add suggestions, provide links to case studies and videos;
  • our tranformative health workforce education social media, twitter and facebook

​The results will then assist and support the eBook Steering Committee to identify and select the most relevant content and marry this with key WHO documents, resources and tools. Again to emphaise the production of the WHO eBook is the responsibility of the eBook Steering Committee and WHO.    

and the next steps ?

We will post a schedule of blogs shortly so look forward to working together 

- a participatory action research methodology to be developed by Hannover Medical School will underpin this approach.