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Nadia Miniclier Cobb

Nadia's passion and focus are on education for global health equity and the development of the 2030 global health workforce. She is currently the president of the International Academy of Physician Associate Educators. Her work the World Health...Read full bio
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Erica Wheeler

My background is in public health and my career and academic studies cover a range of areas in research, policy and planning a period of some 25 years. I have worked for the World Health Organization over the last 14 years and for a brief period for...Read full bio
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Elsie Kiguli-Malwadde

Dr Elsie Kiguli-Malwadde is the Director of the MEPI Coordinating Center at The African Centre for Global Health and Social Transformation (ACHEST). She had until December 2010 been an associate professor and head of the department of Radiology at...Read full bio


Sierra Leone’s Community Health Officers: a resilient, responsive health workforce

Authors: Alex van Duinen MD, PhD Candidate, Nadia Cobb PA-C, PhD Candidate, Alieu Faylulu F Mansaray SACHO, Amadu Jawara SACHO, Seibatu Sia Kemoh SACHO in training Background The Social Determinants of Health impact 80% of a patient’s health status, with medicine effecting the other 20%. 1,2,3... Read more

Who are frontline health workers ?

This blog will be developed to include the outcomes of the Webinar October 20 th , 10 a.m. ET: Health Workforce: An Investment not a cost. Click here to register for the webinar Did you know that investing in the health workforce can improve economic growth even more than investing in the finance... Read more

Global Report on Adult Learning and Education calls on countries to invest in lifelong learning

Global Report on Adult Learning and Education calls on countries to invest in lifelong learning Paris, 8 September—Adult learning and education can improve health and well-being, employment opportunities and develop local communities, according to the third Global Report on Adult Learning and... Read more

AMTCs; Global Health Providers known by many names

AMTCs; Global Health Providers known by many names By Nadia Cobb The 4th Global Women Deliver 2016 Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark will be attended by over 5,000 participants from over 155 countries, with 25+ Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Health, Gender, Education, and Development, 50+... Read more

Ground breaking study on 'new' cadre of heath workforce

This study is very timely as WHO developes its Global Strategy for Human Resources for Health, and a potential resolution at the World Health Assembly in 2016. Accelerated Medically Trained Clinicians, AMTCs is the proposed title to describe practitioners who have been trained in an accelerated... Read more

A Call to Action; Accelerated Medically Trained Clinicians and the social determinants of health

#AMTC_HRH A Call to Action; Accelerated Medically Trained Clinicians and the social determinants of health Author; Nadia Cobb MS, PA-C Key reference: Findings from a survey of an uncategorized cadre of clinicians in 46 countries--Increasing access to medical care with a focus on regional needs... Read more

The Non-Physician Clinician - the Invisible Workforce

The Global Health Workforce Alliance estimates that by 2035 the global shortage of healthcare providers will be 12.9 million 1 . Current estimates are that over 1 billion people do not have access to health care providers today. 2 The non-physician clinician (NPC) plays an important role in the... Read more

Working in International Hospital Kampala

PHOTO STORY – A HEALTH WORKER IN KAMPALA, UGANDA (PHOTOS TO BE CREDITED © WHO/ABDI HAKIM MOHAMED) The International Hospital Kampala (IHK) is a private healthcare facility located in Uganda’s capital city. It employs 350 people, making it the largest provider of private medical services in Uganda... Read more

Their stories, health worker photo stories from WHO

WHO profiles photo stories of health workers WHO estimates the global health worker shortfall to be over 4.2 million. That shortage is impairing provision of essential, life-saving interventions such as childhood immunizations, safe pregnancy and childbirth services for mothers, and access to... Read more

Implementing Global Human Resources for Health Education Reform

CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO "Global Human Resoruces for Health Education Reform, an issue at the heart of the World Health Organizsation". Key points: Global migration forces of health workforce / curriculum to consider and address the needs and challenges of next 10 - 15 years / new competences of... Read more