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Charles Boelen

Charles Boelen is a medical doctor (Belgium, 1966 ), specialized in public health (University of Montreal, Canada), epidemiology (McGill University, Montreal), health system management (Harvard and Stanford Universities, USA) and education of health...Read full bio
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André-Jacques Neusy

André-Jacques Neusy, MD, DTM&H, is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Training for Health Equity Network (THEnet), a consortium of health-professions education institutions. THEnet conducts joint research to help build evidence to support...Read full bio
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Rachel Ellaway

Rachel Ellaway PhD is the Assistant Dean Curriculum and Planning and an Associate Professor at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and is widely published in the field of medical education .Read full bio


Social accountability on WHO WHA 70 agenda

Welcome to THEnets coverage of the 70 th WHO World Health Assembly Social accountability on the agenda at this year’s World Health Assembly in Geneva Social accountability features in one of the key issues being discussed at the WHA this year; the health workforce (HWF) which is also being given a... Read more

Sierra Leone’s Community Health Officers: a resilient, responsive health workforce

Authors: Alex van Duinen MD, PhD Candidate, Nadia Cobb PA-C, PhD Candidate, Alieu Faylulu F Mansaray SACHO, Amadu Jawara SACHO, Seibatu Sia Kemoh SACHO in training Background The Social Determinants of Health impact 80% of a patient’s health status, with medicine effecting the other 20%. 1,2,3... Read more

Transforming Education through Student Retention and Recruitment

Transforming Education through Student Retention and Recruitment By Julia Bluestone, Senior Technical Advisor, Jhpiego, and Chair, Frontline Health Workers Coalition (follow on twitter; @Jhpiego @FHWC ) Image: Community health nursing students conduct community outreach visits (Kate Holt/Maternal... Read more

Culture and pedagogy – not one size fits all

Culture and pedagogy – not one size fits all Dr Neel Sharma Advances in health professions education are currently fast paced. Decades back this avenue was fairly stand still. Yet there has now been huge interest in the field across the domains of teaching, learning and assessment. Significant... Read more

A Call to Action; Accelerated Medically Trained Clinicians and the social determinants of health

#AMTC_HRH A Call to Action; Accelerated Medically Trained Clinicians and the social determinants of health Author; Nadia Cobb MS, PA-C Key reference: Findings from a survey of an uncategorized cadre of clinicians in 46 countries--Increasing access to medical care with a focus on regional needs... Read more

The Non-Physician Clinician - the Invisible Workforce

The Global Health Workforce Alliance estimates that by 2035 the global shortage of healthcare providers will be 12.9 million 1 . Current estimates are that over 1 billion people do not have access to health care providers today. 2 The non-physician clinician (NPC) plays an important role in the... Read more

Launch of new International Award for Social Accountability

ELIGIBILITY for the AWARD The award can be given to an individual, a team, a department, an institution, organization or association in the academic world of health. The call for candidates will be made at the same time as the other AFMC awards but will also be distributed as widely as possible via... Read more

Social accountability, Could it be used to underpin the health-education system model to empower society in addressing health inequities, by holding health and education systems accountable ?

Social Accountability will feature in several sessions during the Prince Mahidol Award Conference to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, Jan 2014; Plenary 2 poses the question "The vision for transforming education includes the promotion of social accountability in health workforce education and in close... Read more

Skills Mix; an interview with Dr Lola Dare

Dr Lola Dare , Chief Executive Officer, CHESTRAD International The Centre for Health Sciences Training, Research and Development (CHESTRAD) is a global non-state, not-for-profit developmental agency. CHESTRAD works as an ethical African organization that employs evidence based approaches to... Read more