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Julian Fisher

An experienced policy advisor specialising in public health and the environment based in Geneva, Switzerland. Also holding a research position at Peter L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics University of Braunschweig - Institute of...Read full bio
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Renzo Guinto

Dr. Ramon Lorenzo Luis R. Guinto (Renzo) is an emerging young leader in global health research, advocacy and education. A graduate of the University of the Philippines Manila (UPM) under its accelerated seven-year Integrated Liberal Arts and...Read full bio


Sierra Leone’s Community Health Officers: a resilient, responsive health workforce

Authors: Alex van Duinen MD, PhD Candidate, Nadia Cobb PA-C, PhD Candidate, Alieu Faylulu F Mansaray SACHO, Amadu Jawara SACHO, Seibatu Sia Kemoh SACHO in training Background The Social Determinants of Health impact 80% of a patient’s health status, with medicine effecting the other 20%. 1,2,3... Read more

UN Commission Report on Health Employment and Economic Growth

Quick post of documents - links to policy briefs and commentary on the report re. transformative health workforce education to follow Commission Report Working for Health Employment and Economic Growth; Investing in the Health Workforce Report of the Expert group; Final report of the expert group... Read more

Societal distribution of health conditions related to housing.

Socioeconomic context and position exert a powerful influence on the societal distribution of health conditions related to housing. Differential exposures to housing risk factors are frequently inversely associated with social
position. In England, 35% of people in the lowest income quintile live... Read more

Mental illness and the social determinants in a negative cycle

It is important to notice that social determinants such as poverty and associated conditions of unemployment, low educational level and discriminated/stigmatized groups are all strong markers for mental illness . Mental illness and these social determinants are considered to interact in a negative... Read more

Mental Health; Context, Exposure, Vulnerabilities, Consequences

Context : The current globalization in the economic, political, social, cultural, environmental and technological spheres has led to rapid changes in the configuration of societies , particularly in poorer countries, which have the weakest social welfare and public health systems. Evidence from... Read more

Mental Health; Analysis of exposure over the life-course to social determinants

Analysis of exposure over the life-course to social determinants shows that exposure to negative and positive determinants processes and accumulate over time, influencing epigenetical, psychosocial, physiological, and behavioural attributes among individuals as well as social conditions in families... Read more

Institute of Medicine; A Framework for Educating Health Professionals to Address the Social Determinants of Health

A Framework for Educating Health Professionals to Address the Social Determinants of Health " Educating health professionals about the social determinants of health generates awareness among those professionals about the potential root causes of ill health and the importance of addressing them in... Read more

SDH eBook agile development process

Agile development process of WHO eBook on the Social Determinants of Health The eBook Steering Committee agreed to adopt an agile development approach to improve the responsiveness of the ebook development that will run in parallel, but separate from the production of the WHO eBook which is the... Read more

Let’s not forget water – a critical determinant of health

Let’s not forget water – a critical determinant of health By Patricia Gan Today, there is already a wide recognition among health professionals and health sector organizations worldwide that health is multifactorial. Aside from the common understanding that patient health can be measured by... Read more

Health as a bridge to peace: the role of transformative education

Healthcare workers have undeniably and increasingly served as frontline responders in mitigating the fallout of conflicts. (Source: ICRC) In commemoration of the International Day of Peace on September 21, Ibukun Adepoju of the European Medical Students’ Association examines the need for a new... Read more