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AMTCs; Global Health Providers known by many names

AMTCs; Global Health Providers known by many names

By Nadia Cobb

The 4th Global Women Deliver 2016 Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark will be attended by over 5,000 participants from over 155 countries, with 25+ Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Health, Gender, Education, and Development, 50+ Parliamentarians  and 8+ Heads of International Agencies. It seeks to "bring together diverse voices and interests to drive progress particularly in maternal, sexual, and reproductive health and rights, We build capacity, share solutions, and forge partnerships, together creating coalitions, communication and action that spark polictical commitment and investment in girls and women”
The health workforce crisis globally calls for a shift in counting numbers of professionals (ie physicians/1,000 or nurses/1000) to the expansion of appropriate skills mixes distributed in areas of need. The Accelerated Medically Trained Clinician (AMTC) has a long history (1600’s) globally of increasing access to care with a particular emphasis on primary care for the rural and marginalized communities. The AMTC will be presented in a concurrent session panel hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization Department of Health Workforce and the Federation of International Gynecologists and Obstetricians. This session focuses on skills mix expansion/ task sharing in obstetric care.
View case studies on:

1. Street Medicine, Caring for Homeless Patients Where Are; The Physician Assistant Role

2. Healthcare on the Navajo Reservation - a Navajo Physician Assistant

3. Physician Assistants in Canada

4. Sierra Leone’s Community Health Officers’s-community-health-officers

5. Liberia- where physician assistants are vital in the care of the country

6. The Physician Assistant Profession in Ghana

7. Rwanda’s Clinical Officer’s-clinical-officer

8. Kenya’s Clinical Officer’s-clinical-officer

9. The United Republic of Tanzania’s Clinical Officers and Assistant Medical Officers’s-clinical-officers-and-assistant-medical-officers

10. Zambian Associate Clinicians

11. Malawi’s Medical Assistants & Clinical Officers – the base of health care in Malawi’s-medical-assistants-clinical-officers-–-base-health-care-malawi

12. Caring for Communities: Training Clinical Associates in South Africa

13. Physician Assistants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

14. Physician Assistants in India

15. Nepal's Health Assistants

16. Bangladesh’s Sub-Assistant Community Medical Officer’s-sub-assistant-community-medical-officer

17. Myanmar’s Health Assistants: Serving the Rural Communities’s-health-assistants-serving-rural-communities

18. The Burmese Medic

19. Feldshers in the Ukraine