Transformative Education
for Health Professionals

Discovering the missing pieces – Worldwide Survey on Transition from Secondary to Medical Education

  • What happens before medical school?
  • Are our students receiving sufficient and timely career advice?
  • How are people selected to medical school?
  • Do academic results matter? What about non-academic attributes?

Dr. Erica Wheeler, technical officer in World Health Organization responsible for Education and Training for Health Professionals, is leading an online survey to explore the above questions. With the able support from IFMSA (International Federation Medical Students’ Association) and WMA JDN (World Medical Association Junior Doctors Network), medical students and young doctors around the world are invited to participate in this survey. The results will contribute to the development of a global health workforce assessment tool.

The above shows the thematic diagram for the transition from secondary to medical education. The survey has two areas of interest: 1. Non-academic attributes for admission to medical school; 2. Career guidance about the health profession.

By July 2014, 59 countries have already responded. But we need to hear from more people. Let the voice of the young generation be heard by WHO. Encourage them to spend around 10 minutes to fill out the survey via the following link:

This is an opportunity to listen from the youth around the globe. Moving forward, the department will soon produce a similar survey targeted at students and young professionals in nursing, dentistry and pharmacy. When combined together, the survey results will be a valuable reference for educators in the health sector as well as secondary education.

Mr. Sam Wing Sum LI is a final year medical student in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
He is an intern in the Department of Health Workforce in WHO Headquarters, under the supervision of Dr. Erica Wheeler.

Professor Sarah Strasser, Associate Dean of Flinders NT
Stijntje Dijk, SCOME Director, IFMSA
Ian Pereira, Officer of Education, WMA JDN