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Eastern and African Countries Interprofessional Education and Practice Networking


Eastern and African Countries Interprofessional Education and Practice Networking (ECIPEN)


ECIPEN helps individuals and organisations in Eastern and African countries to share their experience in developing interprofessional education programmes, methods and materials for improving collaborative practice in health and social care. Colleagues in  interprofessional networks in Australasia, Europe, Japan and North America told us about their links with Eastern and African countries and volunteered contacts. Others from  Indonesia, Malaya, Qatar,  South Africa, Turkey and the Philippines  were keen to be included.

We welcomed opportunities to report progress during two meetings of the World Coordinating Committee for Interprofessional Education and Practice (WCC)  during the ATBH Pittsburgh conference including the formation of:

The 165 people in contact  are from ten African and 14 from Eastern countries (as appended).

We shared those opportunities with our friend and colleague, Juan José Beunza, from Madrid who reported during the same meetings on moves to promote interprofessional collaboration between Spain, Portugal, Brazil and other South American countries.  We welcomed an invitation to one of us to contribute Eastern and African perspectives during the panel discussion that brought the conference to a close.

Especially encouraging was our meeting with the twelve delegates from Canada, Nigeria, Qatar, Turkey, South Africa and the Philippines who arranged their homeward flights to make time to explore how interprofessional networking can be extended and reinforced globally. One-to-one links were being made in the same and neighbouring countries thanks to Google, Facebook and contacts made during the Pittsburgh conference. Exploratory meetings were being convened, for example, in Iran Tabriz university with running out a website and activities, a conference held in Malaysia and networks already established in Indonesia for students and recently qualified health professionals and in Turkey medical and health universities are opening discussions and running out some  seminars.

Everyone at the meeting was clear that creating similar networks in and between countries was for their interprofessional activists to explore amongst themselves as numbers increased and contacts made. We shall, supported by the WCC, respond readily to requests for advice enabling emerging networks to support each other and join the 'global interprofessional family'. We are exploring  the feasibility of convening an international conference in Qatar during 2015 primarily for participants from  Eastern and African countries.

Ali Yildirim

Hugh Barr

October 2014

Countries connecting through ECIPEN: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan

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