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Ground breaking study on 'new' cadre of heath workforce


This study is very timely as WHO developes its Global Strategy for Human Resources for Health, and a potential resolution at the World Health Assembly in 2016.

Accelerated Medically Trained Clinicians, AMTCs is the proposed title to describe practitioners who have been trained in an accelerated medical model and serve their communities in over 46 countries worldwide in some cases with a hisry dating back to the 17th century.

Inconsistent nomenclature, however, has resulted in these workers practicing as a virtually unidentified and disjointed cadre on the margins of health policy planning. We use the term Accelerated Medically Trained Clinician (AMTC) here as a categorical designation to encompass these professionals who have been referred to by various titles.

This study inventoried the global distribution of AMTCs across 46 countries and describes the various regional titles, when the profession was established, the duration of training, scope of practice and the governing regulatory body by region.

The research attempts to identify and unite an existing clinical workforce and categorizes them to enable them to be distinguished and fully utilized within the healthcare team and health systems. 

The authors conducted an exploratory, systematic review for AMTCs in over 70 counties to asses if there is such a cadre, the name or title of their cadre, period of and curricula of training and existence of credentialing. This paper reports our findings and aims to serve as a springboard for future, in-depth studies on how we can better categorize and utilize these clinicians.

World Health & Population, 16(1) December 2014: 72-86.doi:10.12927/whp.2015.24296

Findings from a Survey of an Uncategorized Cadre of Clinicians in 46 Countries – Increasing Access to Medical Care with a Focus on Regional Needs Since the 17th Century

​Authors; Nadia Cobb, Marie Meckel, Jennifer Nyoni, Karen Mulitalo, Hoonani Cuadrado, Jeri Sumitani, Gerald Kayingo and David Fahringer








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