Transformative Education
for Health Professionals

Launch of new International Award for Social Accountability


The award can be given to an individual, a team, a department, an institution, organization or association in the academic world of health. The call for candidates will be made at the same time as the other AFMC awards but will also be distributed as widely as possible via appropriate ways of communication to enable recognition of outstanding work performed in any part of the world. The annual selection process should consider candidates from different countries and regions of the world. The award winners will fairly reflect the world diversity from geographical, cultural and linguistic perspectives. 






Nominations may be proposed by an individual or by an organization. 


Nominations must be submitted before the closing date for nominations, on October 31 of the year. The recipient will be granted a crystal globe symbolizing social accountability, a $1,000 certificate and up to $2,000 allowance to attend the Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME) at which the award will be officially presented. A complimentary registration of the conference will also be provided. 


The following documentation must be provided for each nomination: name and affiliation, a resume if the nominee is an individual or a description of the mission if a team, a department, an establishment or an organization is nominated, a description of the works corresponding to the criteria enumerated above, as well as a recommendation letter no longer than 1000 words. 


Collaboration with like-minded academic institutions, organizations or associations worldwide for the international promotion of principles of social accountability is expected at all stages of the award granting process.

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