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Prof Roger Strasser talks about the impact of social accountability in Northern Ontario / Canada, and successes at a global level

In this podcast Roger Strasser, Dean and CEO of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine talks about the implementation of social accountabiity and some of the results, including How underserviced rural communities approach physcian recruitment; changes following the opening of a social accountable Medical School in northern Ontario


He also discusses the WHO launched its National Health Workforce Accounts (NHWA) at 4th Global Forum on Human Resources for Health in Dublin, Ireland (October 2017), and the two indicators for social accountability.

The purpose of the NHWA is to facilitate the standardization of a health workforce information system in order to improve data quality, as well as to support tracking HRH policy performance towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) , see Understanding National Health Workforce Accounts and full handbook National Health Workforce Accounts (NHWA) 

Additional info: Dublin Declaration; and Youth Declaration;

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