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Profiled publication. The health workforce in India

Profiled publication. 

The health workforce in India 

This month we profile; The health workforce in India

This study on the health workforce is based on data at district level from the Indian census of 2001.The census of India 2001 canvassed information on the occupation of main and marginal workers, which is coded using the National Classification of Occupations (NCO) 2004 at four-digit level.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is currently considering innovative models of care, including integrated health care teams and greater use of cadres such as physician assistants, nurse practitioners and integrated behavioural health counsellors. It is focusing on standardizing the education, training and practice of various unregulated allied and health care professionals. Experts within various technical teams are working to develop progressive career pathways in health care with desired qualifications and experience in addition to a competency-based curriculum.  

In India, the National Human Resources for Health Cell in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare seeks to ensure coordinated and collaborative efforts towards generating a skilled and qualified health care workforce. The cell provides constant policy and technical support on overall issues related to human resources for health (HRH), including and going beyond existing cadres in the health system. It assists in quantifying and forecasting the need for various health care professionals and in generating evidence for effective policy formulation in close coordination with the states. 

The cell advocates and is working towards the scale-up of innovative models on HRH issues, including transforming health workforce education in support of universal health coverage and liaising with stakeholders to build strategic intelligence and strengthen capacity in the relevant departments of the ministry. It aims to facilitate the creation and maintenance of a national health workforce registry.