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Social accountability on WHO WHA 70 agenda

Welcome to THEnets coverage of the 70th WHO World Health Assembly

Social accountability on the agenda at this year’s World Health Assembly in Geneva

Social accountability features in one of the key issues being discussed at the WHA this year; the health workforce (HWF) which is also being given a higher profile by the G20.

Last year saw the release of WHO Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health, (GSHRH) and the process of aligning GSHRH milestones across other policy initiatives, including the WHO framework on Integrated People Centred Care and WHO National Health Workforce Accounts.

This year Provisional agenda item 13.1 Human resources for health and implementation of the outcomes of the United Nations’ High-Level Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth, is the one to watch out for this week.

A little background, THEnet provided one of the 17 policy briefings (1 of the 2 on HWF education) that helped guide and inform the work of the Commission on High-Level Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth.

Social accountability was adopted by the Commissioners, and it features prominently in the Commissions’ report and in the accompanying action plan – see below for links and details. 

It worth reading the Provisional agenda item 13.1 -

  • in particular the references to SA on page 18 see deliverable 3.2 Massive scale-up of socially accountable and transformative professional, technical and vocational education and training supported with technical cooperation, institutional capacity- building and financing.

Social accountability is included in a first draft of the WHO National Health Workforce Accounts, with a final first version likely to be ready later in June.

It is always difficult to know exactly when agenda item 13.1 will be discussed at the WHA, so follow us on hashtag #socialaccountability

Other news from Germany and the G20 meeting is that global health will be a constant on the G20 agenda, which sends out a strong signal. Get a quick overview of the first meeting of G20 Health Ministers in Berlin, Together Today for a Healthy Tomorrow – Joint Commitment for Shaping Global Health,

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