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Students; transforming health workforce education for the future

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Bild des Benutzers Stijntje	Dijk

Stijntje Dijk

Ms. Stijntje Dijk is a fourth year medical student with an interest in medical education, global health education, interprofessional education, human rights and ethics, and social determinants of health. She recently obtained her Bachelors’ of...Read full bio
Bild des Benutzers Sam, Wing Sum	LI

Sam, Wing Sum LI

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Sam is a culture and cuisine lover. In 2012, he serviced in the IFMSA as the National Exchange Officer in the Standing Committee of Professional Exchange. In 2014, he stationed in the headquarters of World Health...Read full bio


Broadening career horizons. A dental intern at the United Nations

Julian Fisher inteviews Gabriela Sardon , a young dentist from Peru about her experiences as an intern at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Geneva, Switzerland. 1. With your experience at UNEP do you think that global health should be included in the dental undergraduate education... Read more

Youth Forum in Dublin- What was that about?

Youth Forum in Dublin, what was that about? Ave Pold, International Association of Dental Students, External Relations Chairwoman Last November a huge global health event, namely the 4th Global Forum on Human Resources for Health , was held in Dublin, Ireland. I had the chance to both represent... Read more

Advocacy for Lifelong Learning Systems in Africa

Advocacy for Lifelong Learning Systems in Africa UNESCO Director-General (DG), Audrey Azoulay, advocated for education as a priority investment for sustainable development at a conference organized by the French Development Agency (AFD) in Paris on 19 January 2018. The DG identified a second... Read more

Connecting Future Rural Healthcare Workers with Rural Communities

Connecting Future Rural Healthcare Workers with Rural Communities About two years ago I was a young doctor working in Croatia and training in family medicine. As in many areas of the world Croatia is country that is experiencing a lack of doctors and is struggling to retain its health workforce... Read more

Mainstreaming Disaster Health Education

Background Disaster Health has often been a reactionary approach for policy makers and Governance in India. In the year 2014, India witnessed a massive flood in Jammu and Kashmir region which was the costliest natural disaster of 2014 causing a loss and damage of US$ 16 Billion. Cyclone Hudhud in... Read more

Promoting Interprofessional Education through Healthy Competition

Promoting Interprofessional Education through Healthy Competition By Cary Amiel G. Villanueva and Jan Ynav T. Quiz The Blue Team composed of Jan Philippe H. Tan (Medicine), Dana Lee Acosta (Behavioral Sciences), Hannah M. Pellejo (Physical Therapy), Holymn Faith Buan (Pharmacy) and Karen Joyce... Read more

Beyond the Doha Youth Declaration on Reshaping the Humanitarian Agenda

Children and youth are considered a vulnerable population in disasters and conflicts. They have specific needs and, in times of crisis, may be subjected to violence and abuse. However, in recent years, young people have emerged as thinkers and active players in humanitarian response. This trend is... Read more

Education for a New Generation of Humanitarian Workers

Photo: WHO/J.Swan On 19 March 2015, the world has come to the first major international agreement in the post-2015 agenda. Adopted by representatives from 187 countries, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 captured unprecedented momentum and political commitment to build... Read more

China embraces One Health for One World

China embraces One Health for One World A recent issue of the Lancet highlighted the complexity of China’s health professional education system. As Li Bin, minister of the newly formed National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), reaffirmed that health professionals are the key driving... Read more

危难与机遇 : 埃博拉对卫生人员教育的启示

西非埃博拉疫情严重,当地卫生人力面对突发公共卫生事件的应急应变能力令人关注。能够理解健康的社会决定因素,是应对这种致命疾病的关键。在几个最受影响的国家,学生展示了重要贡献,甚至动员世界各地的学生,共同强化教育。Read more