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Stijntje Dijk

Ms. Stijntje Dijk is a fourth year medical student with an interest in medical education, global health education, interprofessional education, human rights and ethics, and social determinants of health. She recently obtained her Bachelors’ of...Read full bio
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Sam, Wing Sum LI

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Sam is a culture and cuisine lover. In 2012, he serviced in the IFMSA as the National Exchange Officer in the Standing Committee of Professional Exchange. In 2014, he stationed in the headquarters of World Health...Read full bio


Ebola – crisis and opportunity for curriculum reform

The West African Ebola epidemic has raised concerns about the preparedness of the local health workforce in facing public health emergencies. The ability to appreciate the Social Determinants of Health behind the outbreak is crucial at tackling the deadly disease. Students from the most affected... Read more

Students for quality of the health workforce education and training @ SEARO

IFMSA declares the importance of the quality of the health workforce education and training during the 67 th session of the Regional Committee of South-East Asia. The meeting was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 9 th -12 th September 2014. [The IFMSA Delegation in the 67 th session of the Regional... Read more

The changing educational culture in medical schools

cul·ture noun \ˈkəl-chər\ : the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time Culture is inevitable; you will find it in any possible group of people. Within the medical profession and medical schools this isn’t any different; you could ask any doctor or medical... Read more

Discovering the missing pieces – Worldwide Survey on Transition from Secondary to Medical Education

Department of Health Workforce in World Health Organization launched the titled online survey for medical students and doctors around the world. The survey will later be extended to other disciplines including nursing, pharmacy and dentistry. By collecting opinions from different countries, the... Read more

From Secondary to Medical Education: Letting the Students' voice be heard

Medical Students and Young doctors are the future of healthcare. They stand in the middle of a changing world where desired competencies are different then yesterdays'. Therefore, their voices need to be heard. In 2010, the Global Independent Commission on the Education of Health Professionals for... Read more

Transformative learning with the people

Transformative learning with the people, for the people: a nurse-midwife’s experience in the Philippines Daisyrie Aidyl Pamogas Licensed midwife and nursing student University of the Philippines Manila-School of Health Sciences I feel truly grateful for being invited to the Prince Mahidol Award... Read more

Leading the Change in Croatia, Innovative Projects on Social Determinants of Health

Innovative Education through Projects on Social Determinants of Health – Leading the Change in Croatia By Ljiljana Lukić University of Zagreb Medical School, National Public Health Officer, Croatian Medical Students International Committee (CroMSIC) - Member, Advisory Council on Youth, Ministry of... Read more

Alternative learning for health equity: lessons from student organizations

Social Determinants to Health (SDH); Over the next ten days we will be featuring blogs SDH in the lead up to the Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC), Bangkok, Thailand 27-31 Jan 2014. WHO has a number of side events and parallel sessions, which highlight SDH within its work on transformative... Read more