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Will Australia have a fit-for-purpose medical workforce in 2025?


Will Australia have a fit-for-purpose medical workforce in 2025?



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To produce a fit-for-purpose medical workforce, Australia needs streamlined training pathways in all medical disciplines

"Around the world, there has been a developing focus over the past decade on the importance of a fit-for-purpose medical workforce with the right skills, providing the right care, in the right place, at the right time, and with skill sets which include leadership skills, communication expertise and the ability to work within teams".

This article explores the comprehensive assessment and approach that aligns with the report of the UN Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth, as well as UNESCO policy brief on (see chapter 12; Transforming the health workfroce: unleashing the potenital of technical and vactional eduation and training).

Prof. Roger Strasser concludes "If Australia is to have a fit-for-purpose medical workforce in 2025, there is an urgent need to establish full streamlined education and training pathways in all medical disciplines, not only general practice. 

There should be a mix of urban- and rural-based training programs with educational curricula that emphasise generalism skills and ensure year-by-year continuity of employment for trainees. Learning generalism skills will encourage adaptability and the potential for medical workforce redeployment in response to changing population health needs.

Planning and implementation of these training pathways will need to be informed by the national systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of medical workforce supply data. It will also require evidence-informed sustainable health service models that are guided by social accountability and designed with active community participation to address population health needs."  

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MJA Podcasts 2018 Episode 19: Fit-for-purpose medical workforce, with Prof Roger Strasser Vol 208, Issue 5: 19 March 2018. Professor Roger Strasser is Dean and CEO of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. He discusses the things that need to be done to ensure Australia has a fit-for-purpose medical workforce in 2025. With MJA news and online editor, Cate Swannell. Listen to podcast

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