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Sierra Leone’s Community Health Officers: a resilient, responsive health workforce

Authors: Alex van Duinen MD, PhD Candidate, Nadia Cobb PA-C, PhD Candidate, Alieu Faylulu F Mansaray SACHO, Amadu Jawara SACHO, Seibatu Sia Kemoh SACHO in training Background The Social Determinants of Health impact 80% of a patient’s health status, with medicine effecting the other 20%. 1,2,3... Read more

The Non-Physician Clinician - the Invisible Workforce

The Global Health Workforce Alliance estimates that by 2035 the global shortage of healthcare providers will be 12.9 million 1 . Current estimates are that over 1 billion people do not have access to health care providers today. 2 The non-physician clinician (NPC) plays an important role in the... Read more
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