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Their stories, health worker photo stories from WHO

WHO profiles photo stories of health workers

WHO estimates the global health worker shortfall to be over 4.2 million. That shortage is impairing provision of essential, life-saving interventions such as childhood immunizations, safe pregnancy and childbirth services for mothers, and access to treatment for AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. As a result, people are suffering and dying needlessly.

Without prompt action, the shortage will worsen and health systems will be weakened further. As populations continue to grow in developing countries and grow older in the developed countries, health demand is on the rise virtually everywhere.

  • A health worker in Marafa, Kenya

  • Wanted: more and better-trained health workers

  • Community health workers - the first response in emergencies

  • First hand accounts of Iraqi health workers


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Reaching communities must be done as a health care team - the community health workers are a vital part of the team. Thank you for this pictorial.