Transformative Education
for Health Professionals

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About the Guidelines

This interactive ePlatform presents the World Health Organization Guidelines on Transforming and scaling up health professionals' education and training in an easy to access and use format as part of their implementation and in support of the WHO 2013 World Health Assembly resolution ‚transforming health workforce education in support of universal health coverage’.

WHO launched its first guidelines for Transforming and Scaling up Health Professionals' Education and Training at the Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Healthin Recife, Brazil at the 2013. The guidelines are expected to give rise to regional and country based policy and technical dialogues with key stakeholders in education, health, finance and labour, on how best to finance health professional training and prepare health professionals for the 21st century.

The main sections are:

  • Key policy issues; main policy issues that face decision-makers in the five domains for interventions to transform and scale-up the education of health professionals identified by the Core Group
  • Recommendations; The guidelines draw on the most recent evidence on what underpins the concept of transforming health professional education to frame the recommendations.
  • Civil Society; suggestions made by civil society based on the online survey that drew 160 responses out of 304 civil society organizations in low and middle-income countries.

Policy briefs; five policy briefs were produced to provide more information and discussion in key areas of transformative health workforce education