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eLearning for undergraduate health professional education - a systematic review informing a radical transformation of health workforce development

Publication details

Authors: Imperial College London, World Health Organization

Edited by Najeeb Al-Shorbaji, Rifat Atun, Josip Car, Azeem Majeed, Erica Wheeler

Date: January 2015

Number of pages: 156

ISBN: 978 92 4 150826 1


eLearning systematic review (pdf, 4.99 Mb)



This publication on ‘eLearning for Undergraduate Health Professional Education’ responds to a need at the country level for evidence to inform and guide health professional education as an important vehicle in preparing health professionals to be ‘fit-for-purpose’. The World Health Organization (WHO) Department of Health Workforce in collaboration with the Department of Knowledge, Ethics and Research commissioned the Global eHealth Unit (GeHU) at Imperial College London to conduct a systematic review of the scientific literature to evaluate the effectiveness of eLearning for undergraduate health professional education.

At a global level, it will assist in the implementation of the WHO’s global human resources for health strategy by providing the best evidence of how and where eLearning can best be used in country settings. The report also provides a foundation for the development of future WHO guidelines for pre-service training and the direction for  future research.

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