Transformative Education
for Health Professionals

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Good practice recommendations: Governance and planning

In addition to the eleven recommendations, there are four good practice recommendations proposed that are equally viewed as vital for successfully transforming health professional education.

Good practice 1

Government at the highest level shows political commitment to reform and takes leadership of its implementation.

Good practice 2

There is formal collaboration and shared accountability between the ministry of health, the ministry of education, and other related ministries (e.g. finance, labour, public service), at national and/or sub-national level in the education and training of health professionals.

Good practice 3

A national plan to produce and retain graduates is developed in consultation with stakeholders, informed by the needs and absorptive capacity of the labour market, and aligned with the national health plan.

Good practice 4

The creation or strengthening of national or sub-national institutions, capacities or mechanisms to support the implementation of the reform and scale-up plan (e.g. legislation, policies, procedures).