Transformative Education
for Health Professionals

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Health in All Policies training

Health and development governance - Health in All Policies (HIAPs)

While many public policies contribute to health and health equity, improving population health is not the sole purpose of societies and their governments. A lack of policy coherence across government can result in one part of government supporting the implementation of national strategies (e.g. on malnutrition, or noncommunicable diseases) or international treaties (e.g. the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control), while other parts of the government promote trade, industrial development and initiatives that can be harmful to health and well-being.

To contribute to policy coherence across government in order to address the social determinants of health equity, the health sector needs to understand the imperatives of other sectors and form common understanding of health, its determinants and broader societal well-being or quality of life. This requires political will and innovative solutions and structures that build channels for dialogue and decision-making that work across traditional government policy siloes.

See WHO infomration on Health in all Policies

Health in all policies training manual 

This manual is a training resource to increase understanding of the importance of Health in All Policies among health and other professionals. The material will form the basis of 2- and 3-day workshops, which will:

  • build capacity to promote, implement and evaluate HiAP; 
  • encourage engagement and collaboration across sectors; 
  • facilitate the exchange of experiences and lessons learned; 
  • promote regional and global collaboration on HiAP; and 
  • promote dissemination of skills to develop training courses for trainers.

View WHO HIAPs training manual ​​