Transformative Education
for Health Professionals

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Key Policy Issue #1: Will a national education plan to produce and retain graduates have an effect on quantity, quality and relevance?

Should the plan be developed in consultation with all stakeholders? Must the plan be informed by the needs and absorptive capacity of the labour market, and be aligned with national HRH plans and national health plans?

In reviewing the literature for evidence, four different interventions have been identified and analysed which include the following:

  • Intervention 1: The mere existence of a health professional education plan. Read more.
  • Intervention 2: A health professional education plan that is integrated into a larger national health plan/policy. Read more.
  • Intervention 3: Strong collaboration efforts between all stakeholders involved in education plan development. Read more.
  • Intervention 4: Strategic steps in considering and taking into account the workforce market needs and absorptive capacities for the education plan development. Read more.