Transformative Education
for Health Professionals

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Monitoring, implementation and evaluation - Key Policy Issues

The implementation of transformative changes in the education of health professionals is justified by clear objectives: to ensure the availability of a workforce that is sufficient in number and skills mix, and has the competencies and professional outlook that correspond to the needs of the population it will serve.

To ensure that these objectives are being achieved, mechanisms to track changes and their effects must be in place so that policy-makers can be informed in good time if their policies need adapting. To that end, valid and updated information is needed in an easily accessible and interpretable format.

Monitoring and evaluation are key components of change implementation, but making them effective is often a challenge. Leaders planning the transformation of the health workforce’s education will face a number of challenging policy issues: what to monitor, how to do it, who should be responsible, and how to ensure that the information produced by monitoring and evaluation will be used?