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National Health Workforce Accounts

National Health Workforce Accounts – A Handbook

The National Health Workforce Accounts (NHWA) is a system by which countries progressively improve the availability, quality, and use of data on health workforce through monitoring of a set of indicators to support achievement of Universal Health Coverage, Sustainable Development Goals and other health objectives.

The purpose of the NHWA is to facilitate the standardization of a health workforce information system for interoperability, as well as to support tracking HRH policy performance towards universal health coverage. The NHWA Handbook contains a set of 78 core indicators, organized around ten modules, that aim to provide comprehensive information on the health workforce situation and trends of a country. These indicators are of relevance to country, regional and global reporting across the spectrum of health workforce priorities. They are primarily based on the health labour market framework for UHC.

National Health Workforce Accounts – A Handbook

May 2018; Training in Zimbabwe

Within the progressive implementation of National Health Workforce Accounts (NHWA), WHO is developing a training course on HRH data and evidence with a focus on the implementation and use of NHWA.

Prior to the finalization of the course, a one-week regional training of trainers will be held in Harare, in the last week of May 2018.