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Will Australia have a fit-for-purpose medical workforce in 2025?

Will Australia have a fit-for-purpose medical workforce in 2025? Image Line of men leading to Australia on Earth globe illustration by Stephen Finn (Adobe Stock) To produce a fit-for-purpose medical workforce, Australia needs streamlined training pathways in all medical disciplines "Around the... Read more

Training for health equity, can accreditation be a catalyst for change?

Prof Roger Strasser talks about accreditation and recent developments at WHO




Training for health equity, can accreditation be a catalyst for change?

#trainforhealthequity Next week sees the start of the WHO Executive Board which will include discussions on the WHO 13th Global Programme of Work (13GPW). Equity is theme that runs through 13 GPW It has an entry on health workforce (see para 41 and 42) that notes "providing health and social care... Read more

WHO places Training for Health Equity at heart of Health and Development Agenda

First a quick refresh on WHO: WHO was created as the directing and coordinating authority on international health, enabling the nations of the world to act together for the health of all people. It’s values include a commitment to human rights, universality and equity , based on principles set out... Read more

Prof Roger Strasser talks about the impact of social accountability in Northern Ontario / Canada, and successes at a global level

In this podcast Roger Strasser, Dean and CEO of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine talks about the implementation of social accountabiity and some of the results, including How underserviced rural communities approach physcian recruitment; changes following the opening of a social accountable... Read more

Accreditation, A Critical Lever for the Massive Scale Up of Social Accountability Globally

By Julian Fisher, Director Advocacy and Networks, THEnet These are very exciting times for social accountability, now mainstreamed in health workforce policy at a global level (1). This establishes the policy environment for interconnected and aligned action to deliver the massive scale up and... Read more

Social accountability on WHO WHA 70 agenda

Welcome to THEnets coverage of the 70 th WHO World Health Assembly Social accountability on the agenda at this year’s World Health Assembly in Geneva Social accountability features in one of the key issues being discussed at the WHA this year; the health workforce (HWF) which is also being given a... Read more

Sierra Leone’s Community Health Officers: a resilient, responsive health workforce

Authors: Alex van Duinen MD, PhD Candidate, Nadia Cobb PA-C, PhD Candidate, Alieu Faylulu F Mansaray SACHO, Amadu Jawara SACHO, Seibatu Sia Kemoh SACHO in training Background The Social Determinants of Health impact 80% of a patient’s health status, with medicine effecting the other 20%. 1,2,3... Read more

Transforming Education through Student Retention and Recruitment

Transforming Education through Student Retention and Recruitment By Julia Bluestone, Senior Technical Advisor, Jhpiego, and Chair, Frontline Health Workers Coalition (follow on twitter; @Jhpiego @FHWC ) Image: Community health nursing students conduct community outreach visits (Kate Holt/Maternal... Read more

Social accountability and accreditation Roger Strasser, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Canada

The Role of Accreditation in Enhancing Quality and Innovation in Health Professions Education - A Workshop


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